A killer on your dinner table

                      Bill regretted now that he did not decline the offer from "TV-shop." 


Every year thousands of people die from cardiovascular disease and strokes caused by eating too much salt.
There is a killer on your dinner table every night, an assassin in your lunchtime sandwiches and you probably have no idea of the danger. That’s the message from experts fighting to cut the annual toll of thousands of deaths from heart attacks and strokes which is thought to be caused by eating too much salt.
Not only do the innocent-looking white granules leave us open to the risks associated with high blood pressure but they may also, according to the latest research, be linked to stomach cancer, obesity, osteoporosis and kidney disease.
The logic behind this is the fact that more men than women die prematurely of cardiovascular disease, they are far less likely to have their blood pressure checked or to take medication if it is high and they eat more salt, especially in junk food.

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